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I always hated successful people.

You know the kind. They have a nice house, great parents, a good relationship and a decent job.

Sometimes they complain a bit. But they only do it to comfort you.

In reality they have everything. And they know it. And you know it.

I always wanted to be one of them. And I always knew I just couldn’t.

Then something happened…

One day I saw an old shop on the street that I have already passed countless times in the past.

But now something dragged me in. I just felt, I just knew that this time I have to stop.

So, for the first time ever, I have entered.

And there it was…

It was a little statue.

And it was laughing at me.

It was so happy, so joyful, so careless that it made me angry immediately.

But then I felt a light breeze that calmed me down.

I stepped closer to have a second look.

How can he be so happy? And why am I not?

I wanted to figure out. I wanted to figure it out badly. So I took a deep breath and bought it…

I’m not sure any more how it happened.

I saw him in the morning and the moment I got home from work.

He was on the shelf, waiting for me every day.

And as time passed I started to like his smile, his happiness, his joy.

We became friends.

And then, before I even realized it, my life has changed forever…

Did I change? Or my fate has changed? I will never know…

But day after day I felt better and better. I met nice people everywhere, I made new friends, I even got a promotion.

Suddenly everything clicked. Everything made sense. And I had a friend, right on the shelf, always smiling.

I have dedicated this page to this experience.

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